Prize Giving Day


Exams are finished and papers are graded!  Teachers spent planning periods marking, and then returning the tests by calling out the student’s name and score.  Nothing like a little competition, or public humiliation, to encourage you to study hard.

We held a big celebration called “Prize Giving Day” for the end of Term 2.  Everyone walked together to the local church that we decorated the day before, and the girls lined up for their entrance down the center aisle.  I was about to find my seat, when Subas put me in the same line as them.  Wait, what?  So I just clapped and smiled and appreciated being a part of such a beautiful procession. Wearing their Masai blankets and face paint, the Form 1 students were officially welcomed to the school as they entered with their elaborate dance and song.

prize giving day collage

After Mass, the entertainment began and the classes showed their talents – reciting poetry, dancing, and singing.  Then, all the important guests of honor gave speeches.  They each shared words of wisdom, but I stopped counting after the eighth person approached the podium. We also had the Miss Runda event, and the beauty queens spoke about raising money for scholarships to help other students attend St. Mary.   Finally, the administrators awarded prizes to the top students in each form and outstanding students in different areas.  They also recognized the faculty, and the girls cheered happily for their teachers.  A party is not complete without cake, and I watched the entertaining process of cutting the cake (with a song, of course!) and passing out (or students swarming) and enjoying the sweet treat.  Teachers went back to school for a delicious faculty luncheon, and the students left with their parents to enjoy mid-term break.

Everyone had a blast preparing for today and celebrating, and we’re all excited to have a couple days off.  To say that I am beyond happy to experience this special day for our school would be an understatement, but this selfie sums it up pretty well:





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