City Life

Riding the bus into city center, I settled into a comfortable window seat in the back, admired the flowers and buildings as we drove along, and couldn’t help myself from people watching.  I arrived at the Nairobi commercial bus stop about 40 minutes later (really glad for no jam or it would have taken twice as long) and met up with Ann’s son Steve for a day full of sightseeing in the city.

We headed straight to Nairobi National Park and visited the animal orphanage, where our park guide showed us all the typical Kenyan wildlife I’ve been waiting to see.  The cheetah purred happily as I scratched its neck, the grey crowned crane danced and showed off its bright feathers, the warthog sauntered in the brush, and the lion marked its territory (Thankfully, our guide warned us that the lion felt threatened and we moved away from the fence just in time to not get sprayed!  Another visitor was not so lucky.)  We also saw an elephant skull and the bones of many different animals.  My favorite part was feeding the giraffe, and I couldn’t stop laughing as it leaned down right next to me to eat the leaves off the branch – those eyelashes though!

Our tour guide brought us to the Safari Walk next, and a huge baboon walked beside us through the park.  One of the animal trainers led us behind the barriers to see the animals close up, and I stood in awe watching the leopard prowl along the fence, so majestic and intense.  We continued along the path and saw a zebra, ostrich, rhino, and lions.  In the forested area, we spotted a dikdik, strangely shaped triangular spider, and lots of birds.  We rested at an overlook of the national park where a river runs through.

After such an awesome experience seeing all the animals (the only national park in the middle of a city!), we walked around town, went to the market, and saw the National Archives and Jeevanjee Park.  We ate some delicious chicken shawarma at Big Knife.  Then, we hopped on another matatu (I stopped counting after 5) to the Thika Road Mall to see a 7D movie.  That’s right, 7D!  I knew the short clip called Forest Pyramid would be an experience when I had to jump onto a platform and buckle myself into the seat.  With my 3D glasses on, the forest pyramid scene came alive, and my seat jolted forward as the rollercoaster took off, the wind on my face as we picked up speed and mist hitting as we passed the waterfall.  I screamed we plummeted into the pyramid and a snake struck and hissed, and I felt others slithering around against my legs.  It was such an AwEsOmE day in the city!  Thanks to Steve for being my unofficial tour guide, helping me navigate the city, and showing me some fun places in Nairobi.


pic stitch park final





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