Visitors Welcome

The Kenyan hospitality is downright impressive!  Everywhere I go, people go above and beyond for visitors.  They love sharing their country and culture.  Sister Esther and Ann have both claimed the title of my African mom. Ann’s more like a sister because we have so much fun – shopping, cooking, laughing, and going out. The teachers and students also have family units since its a boarding school, and one group adopted me as “mom.”

All the family talk made me think of those back home and how much they’d love things here.

Dad – You would love nyama choma or roasted meat (usually goat). It’s not like your famous barbeque but this is some stiff competition.

Mom – The flowers here are incredible. Boganvilla and lantana wildly blooming everywhere. The ‘nurseries’ line the sides of the road and make for a pretty drive on any trip.

Court – You could have hot chocolate every day!  Our morning break at school always includes “tea” but it’s really your favorite drink.

Tiff – I wish you’d have been here to help me introduce my students to  treasure hunts. They never heard of it so I had to change that. The hidden prize ….. Oreos! Had to share my favorite cookie with them too.

Garrett – They love soccer here, er football. Unfortunately, that was never my sport. But I am good at another favorite game here called “kati,” kind of like dodgeball except two people on either side try to throw out everyone else standing in the middle.

The whole Pike family – I jumped for joy to find out that Kenya has its own version of our “Happy Friday” messages. The Swahili word for happy is furahi so they combine it and joke “furahiday!”

It’s been three weeks now, and someone asked today if I was homesick. Honestly, I’m not and I think that’s because I’ve made such good friends. It’s like I have family in both places now because everyone has made me feel so at home here.  Kenyans love visitors and I’ve been challenged many times to bring back all of my American friends and family!  So consider this your invitation and start packing your bag! I certainly have not be disappointed by this wonderful country.



4 thoughts on “Visitors Welcome

  1. I remember the flowers in Cape Town blew me away! I even tried ordering some when I got home. They didn’t like La weather! Great to hear you’ve been adopted! Keep the fun news coming.

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  2. Love furahiday!
    I think the boys could get use to hot chocolate everyday! Mason want to know if it hot there and if you have seen snakes? Prayers continue to be with you during this great adventure.


    • Hi Mason! The weather is not too hot. It’s actually their winter time, and everyone here says it’s freezing (15 degrees Celcius) and keeps asking me why I don’t have on a jacket. But I’m enjoying what feels like fall in Louisiana. I’m glad it’s cool because I don’t think I would survive their summer. Yes, I have seen some snakes. On our hike in the mountains, there was a small snake off the path. It’s size is deceiving though because it’s very poisonous and can spit. I also saw some snakes at the wildlife park – I liked those better because they were behind glass = )


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